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Carcano Antonio S.p.A. was established in 1880. Since then the company has been constantly evolving, concretely facing the new challenges over time and becoming nowadays a solid company in the field of aluminium foil rolling and converting.

The company is constantly developing, from both a technological and an organizational point of view. It is made up of three geographically close plants, Delebio and Mandello del Lario, and the new one Andalo Valtellino. The plants are unitarily coordinated and they continuously share information and know-how to guarantee a higher level of specialization.

Carcano Antonio S.p.A. works according to a completely integrated and traceable production process, from the raw material to the finished products, according to GMP and European standards UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 and UNI EN ISO 14001:04. This quality and efficiency model guarantees customer satisfaction and respect for the environment.

Its “glocal” vision is one of the distinctive values of the company policy, as the company is deeply rooted in the area, but its business is internationally active and widespread.

production process

“Integrated and fully traceable process, from raw to finished material.”


A truly efficient and effective material which guarantees the safety and durability of the product thanks to its specific barrier properties always considering also environmental sustainability.

Carcano developed cutting-edge solutions for the production of components protecting the characteristics of the products from agents such as oxygen, sunlight and moisture which could damage the taste and the quality of the contents.

In addition to standard processes, Carcano can develop customized projects according to customer’s needs.

In the food industry, design and aesthetic of the packaging play an important role. Carcano not only pays great attention to this aspect, but also implements GMP– Good Manufacturing Practice – and an internal self-monitoring system whose goal is to prevent and monitor all possible contamination risks.

The packaging for the pharma industry requires specific attention, as it should not only protect the product and preserve its properties, but it should also guarantee high hygiene standards.

To meet these requirements Carcano developed slitting and packaging lines in an ISO 8 class clean room and implemented highly sophisticated visual inspection systems in order to monitor the foil continuously.

For the technological market sectors Carcano offers a wide range of solutions for the production of alufoil for cables and for insulation supports.
Thanks to a rigorous quality control system and an efficient technical service, Carcano is able to offer rapid, ad hoc and durable solutions for every different need.

In addition to plain foil, the various products for these market sectors are: aluminium laminated on one or two sides to polythene copolymer, PVC lacquered foil for cables, aluminium laminated on one or two sides to polyester.

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As provided by law and by the pertinent standards, Carcano implements rigorous risk assessments to analyse the flows and to spot the critical aspects which can be improved. The aim is to eliminate or reduce the possible risks for the workers and to minimize the number of work-related injuries and the possible onset of occupational diseases.

The Safety Management System synergically works with the Company Management and with the trade unions in order to completely understand the needs and the proposals of both parties.

The Safety Management System is based on the following priorities:

Risk assessment

Monitoring of the activities and processes

Machineries monitoring

Scheduling of improvement actions

Continuous education for the workers

Prevention and management of emergencies


Carcano implemented a Quality Management System according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015, enabling a continuous improvement of all technical, organizational and managerial aspects which characterize the production process. This guarantees the conformity of the product to customer’s requirements, also offering customers a good service, flexibility and prompt delivery times.

GMP for the food industry with application of the HACCP system has also been implemented in the Quality Management System.


The commitment of the company’s Management to the environment is described in the Company Policy. Carcano implemented a Management System according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 aiming at environmental safeguard and at a sustainable development of the company thanks to the best available technologies.

This policy aims at

Monitoring and reducing emissions

Increasing the importance of electricity cogeneration systems

Producing hydroelectric energy

Reducing the production of waste and of secondary and tertiary packaging

With an eye toward this policy, Carcano willingly promoted and became a founding member of the Italian national packaging consortium CONAI and of the Italian national consortium in charge of recycling aluminium CiAl.





Via Carcano, 10 - 23826 Mandello del Lario (LC) ITALY

Phone + 39 0341 157 1211

E-mail: info@carcano.com



Via Stelvio, 5 - 23014 Delebio (SO) ITALY

Phone +39 0341 157 1400

E-mail: info@carcano.com



Via Provinciale per Dubino - Località Pradun snc - 23014 Andalo Valtellino (SO) ITALY

Phone + 39 0341 157 1700

E-mail: info@carcano.com

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We are committed to the constant evolution of our ideas and products and because of this, we passionately believe that our people are what make us special. Their wealth of experience represents a focal point for our company’s common goal: constant professional and personal growth.

Working in our company means immersing yourself in a dynamic environment based on trust and mutual respect, and contributing to the continuous improvement of the production process which makes Carcano Antonio S.p.A. synonymous with excellence and quality.

Our “glocal” organisation allows us to develop the skills and professionalism of the talented people from around the area who work with us, giving them great opportunities for growth.