Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed
Antoine-Laurent De Lavoisier

At the basis of our production process is aluminium, which perfectly embodies one of the fundamental laws that governs the universe, according to which matter cannot be created or destroyed, but only transformed.

The redesign project of our logo started from the same premise, born from the need to introduce an identifying, recognizable and independent graphic element that would complement the traditional logo and be able to stand out in the dynamic contemporary digital panorama.

Therefore, starting from a thought on our company history and the values that guide us, we opted for an element which, more than the others, reflects the essence of our brand: the reel, the emblem of our long experience in the production and conversion of aluminum.

Thanks to the harmonious fusion of this circular graphic stroke with the letter “C” of our name, a new color is released, a lively yellow symbol of energy and dynamism and which represents our drive towards continuous innovation.